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Rip off Window and Door companies!!


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Last night i have a nice man from Everest come round to quote for a new front door.

The carpenter from the local door shop quoted £800 for solid wood front door, two side windows, all fixtures and fittings, and installation. A good price i thought.

Then the guy from Everest Windows gave me this quote:


I actually had to stop my self laughing when he told me the list price was £8393. but he could discount it to "just" £4351 if i bought today and signed up for the 10 year finance package at 25% APR!!!

Sad thing is, companies like this trade on their name. you never get to see the product before ordering, so i bet loads of people get ripped off...

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When I had the windows and doors replaced at an old house I invited local companies who had been established a number of years.....who's work I could see......and I stipulated that if they tried the hard sell they most certainly would not get my business.......all the quotes were good......and in the end I chose the company that the salesman took the time to draw all of the windows indicating the openings....and could supply K-glass at no extra cost.......those windows have been in 17 years now.....and look and work as good as the day they were installed...... 8-)

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When I had my soffits and facias done, the DG salesman came round and quoted me some ludicrous price. After two and a half hours I sent him away without a deal. Then they phoned me a few days later and offered the deal even cheaper. I ended up getting it for 30% of the original price.

Then I wanted the front door doing. They came, gave me a quote of just over £2600 and got ready to start bargaining. I supprised the chap by telling him the rate that his company had offered before, and that I was willing to pay no more than 30% of the quote (which was £780-odd). He said, "we'll do it for £800". "Split the difference - £790". "Done". Easiest bit of comission he'd ever earned and cheap door for me too! Still going strong 10 years later.

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when renovating my house, i kept a "Quotation Wall" where i wrote all quotes from visiting window firms on my unplastered kitchen wall.

When they gave me their "Final Best Unbeatable Price" i would walk them over to the wall.

On seeing the other quotations written on the wall, Invariably, the "Unbeatable Price" would then drop due to some special discount they forgot to include, at which point I accused them of lying to me when they said their previous price was their rock bottom best price.... and i would make them feel very uncomfortable by explaining how i didn't do business with people who lied... great sport!!! :twisted:

I do enjoy putting these people on the spot and making them feel very uncomfortable, but I really worry about all the defenseless old people out there who get ripped off by these firms simply because they believe the sales people and they don't haggle!

Even big name firms play these games. makes me sick!!!

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To cut a long story short - On reaching a reasonable price, the salesman had stated 50% off and a further 10% if you sign up for the work to commence next week (fitted into a gap in their order book). I confirmed that this was 60% off and the salesman stated this was correct. I then had to explain to him why the math for 60% reduction came to a lower figure than his 50% and then 10% from that figure. (to those who I've just 'lost' - 50% and then 10% actually reduces the initial figure by 55%!).

He had to agree that I was correct and we duly signed up to the 60% reduction.


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Cheapest way to install UPVC windows -

Measure your existing windows, go to B&Q or whoever and order them yourself then find a local guy to fit them. These specialist companies are just piss takers.

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