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Red sauce/brown or both?


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Ok big question of the day What rules on a bacon butty no sauce, brown sauce , tomato sauce or bit of both? Personally I like red but I will have brown or both but never none I like it moist:lol:

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The thing is...there is more than one type of brown...personally I love Fruity an chips, bacon, gorgeous on mashed potato with egg or welsh rabbit...

I also love ketchup on my chips, my fishfinger and egg sarnies, bacon sarnies...mmmmmmmm

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Pour a bit of maple syrup into the frying pan just before the bacon's fully cooked.

Butter the white bread, slap on the bacon.

No maple syrup? then brown source on white buttered bread.

Red source as last resort, but never, ever make a bacon buttie with brown bread!!!!!!

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