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Cbr 125 gearing failed


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Gears failed on my cbr 125 on the way home today, pedal just traveled really far down can't get it out of first.

I think this is that cause:




The clasp/clamp seems to move but not the spindle it's attached to. I have tried tightening it etc to no end, with no luck, I assume the teeth on the clamp are one as the spindle notches seem in goo order.

Anyway any ideas what the clamp bit is called because I can't find it anywhere.

All help appreciated


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there is a good chance you have worn the spline off the shaft as well as out of the knuckle section personally i would loose it right off by the 10mm headed bolt and remove it to check the spline condition,if it has worn the shaft spine then it will need replacing,if it has only worn the spline in the knuckle section then you can cheat and saw a bit out of the centre wher the 2 sections meet when bolted shut but dont cut while bolt in or you wont get the section out that in left in just use a saw or small grinder to make the gap bigger slightly then refit and see if it will clamp up tight to get you going for now

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