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yamaha shims


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Hiya, I got a noisy follower on the fazer and it's overdue so I am going to do the shims on it.

does anyone have either a box set of shims or any random odd ones they want to sell? if so, let me know what sizes you have and I will see what I need when it comes to pieces,

Should have done it when we did cam chain but we spent so long doing the chain we didn't get round to it. I'll be good at taking the cams out anyway!

maybe we should do a shim swapshop for everybody? mine are usual 7.5mm yamaha jobbies.

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they need to be measured with a micrometer as shims wear too so whatever is printed on them could be wrong with wear :)

your best of getting new to be honest last time I got some they was around 3-4 quid each

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Thanks Stu, but that was what I meant, you can get boxes of the whole range of sizes and I thought someone might have one and want to sell a couple of odd ones. There's also a lot of odd new ones for sale so I reckon people end up with unused ones probably by measuring wrong.

Got no problem using used ones as long as they are the measurement I need.

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