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New way to shame bad parkers ...


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And it doesn't harm anything but their pride.

The scenario: You encounter a car that has been incredibly badly parked, causing an obstruction, etc.

What do you do? Smash the car up? Box it in? Daub it with your own excrement?

No! There is another way ...

What do you need? Simply, a piece of white chalk.

What do you do?

Step 1: Draw a big white box round the car, shaped like a parking bay.

Step 2: Write "TWÅT PARKING" in large letters at the foot of the box.

Simples. :mrgreen:

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I get this all the time outside my flat.

Parking bay wide enough for 4 cars (no lines or bays painted) so what do a lot of people do...... park 3 or 4 feet in from one edge, taking up two spaces. :roll:

Works out Ok for me sometimes though as I pull into the gap they have left. :D

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