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Electric start not doing as it should

Guest petrolhead1989

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Hi guys and gals..

My Kymco zing's electric starter is a bit poo..

When the button is pressed, it turns the engine over perfectly, but just wont fire up.

Sometimes you can be very lucky and it starts after a while.. But only when its feeling nice...

Kick start on the other hand, starts first time, every time, no problem at all.

So defo isnt an ignition problem or anything like that..

I have even charged the battery fully to make sure the starter motor isnt draining all the power, leaving none for spark..

I was well aware of this problem when i bought it off Moo.. But its just bugging me..

Personally i think she is just playing hard to get. :lol:

But you peoples have any ideas?

P.S - its not only a cold start problem, its all the time.. Just incase anyone was thinking that.

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I'd put a meter across the battery and see what the voltage drops to when the starter is spinning......it could be that it's just dropping the voltage too low for the ignition circuit......is all I can think of..... :wink:

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as moo will tell you i walked up to it when cold flicked throtle 3 or 4 times then hit starter button using no throttle and it fired up no problem,so it could be drawing to much power (brushes going as someone said) you need to check that out,i think its just a knack to catching it on electric

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