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Brake light install on a GSF 650 SAK7

Guest djdids

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Hi, having recently purchased a GIVI E55 top box for my Suzuki I went of and bought a GIVI brake light kit to suit (before i realised there were other options on the market).

I plan to install this Friday, I am confident with the mechanical aspect, even with iffy instructions.

I am not 100% with electrical aspect:

- which cable goes to which?

- do I use the cable that is coming directly out of the brake light?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Managed to get this sorted out over the weekend and is working a treat. 8-) Detail is as follows for anyone else that is not so confident with this install.

This is for a Suzuki Bandit S GSF650 (SAK7) 2007 model.

The mechanical install is handy enought, not elegant but seems sound and secure. Instructions for the electrics from GIVI are very poor :twisted:

For the cable supplied by GIVI going from the brake light back to the box there are two wires, a blue and a black. I treated the black as live and blue as neutral.

For the tail & brake light on the bandit there is no logic that makes sense, coming directly from the brake/tail light there are 3 wires, a black with white stripe, a solid grey and a white with black stripe. These run for about 9 inches then go to a connector that has 3 wires coming out of it but they are all different colours. The haynes manual or any other instructions that I could find did not specify what was live, neutral or switch. :shock:

I remaind focused on the 3 wires coming directly from the brake/tail light. From investication I found that the black with white stripe was neutral/ground and common to a number other lights. That left the grey or white with black stripe as the live wires for the tail light and the brake light. Chancing my arm I tried the grey wire first and found that to be the live for the tail light, then moved to the white with black stripe that is the live for the brake light and hey presto :P

So that is GIVI cable blue to Suzuki black with white stripe for neutral then GIVI cable black to Suzuki white with black stripe for brake light.

I did not use the GIVI cable connectors provided as they were flimsy and I was not sure if I would have to move them again. I just used a standard electrical inline terminal block that can be cut to size - much more robust and flexible.

Note: might be a good idea to take out the tail light bulb when working on it or you could break it like I did and have to run off for a new one.

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  • 2 months later...

Just in the process of fitting these now.

Or rather, I've done the top box bit and I'm going to wait until the weekend and natural light to do the next bit.

When I ordered the kit I was impressed with the price. After half installing it I am annoyed with the instructions, baffled by the wires and distressed by the mess of wires inside my top box.

The wires from the lights in the top box are brown, blue and black. There is no connection for what I assumed was a neutral so one set of wires are attached to nothing at present. From the top of the lid to the bottom of the box the wires are black and white and from the bottom of the box to the bike wiring the wires are blue and black!!

Last moan, the unit would not fit through the hole in the bottom of the box. The only way I could do it after 45 minutes of trying various ways and angles was to cut the wires and reattach them with a junction box. :evil:

djdids - thanks in advance for your instruction on the next bit. You should get a job with Givi !! One stupid question though, do you remove the back light from the bike or just attach the wires where they exit the back of the light unit?

I am not fantastically handy so any help will be greatly appreciated !!


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Well this hasn't got off to a good start today.

First of all, I've faffed so much that I haven't got much natural light left. I went out about 10 minutes ago and the first thing I did was take the top box off and put it down on the drive. I then set up a light so I could see what I needed to and decided I would trade natural light for heat, as it is not far from freezing.

So, I reached up to close the garage door, gave a little pull on the cord, then noticed the top box would be outside. I therefore gave the door a little push to stop it closing, reached down to pick up the top box, then felt a clanging blow to the back of my head as the garage door closed itself!

Just spent 5 minutes in the kitchen with the missus holding a bag of frozen peas on my head while my step-daughter made me a cup of tea.

Will go back out when I've drank my tea...and be a bit more careful !! :roll: :stupid:

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