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600cc bikes - which ones are easiest to maintain/service?


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Sooo, I've been looking for my first bike and the usual suspects are springing up - SV650, Bandit, Hornet, CBR600f, ZZR600 etc.

I want to spend about £1500-2k for my first bike as it'll be used to learn the trade - I won't feel as guilty when (not if, but when!) I drop it that way :-| I will probably have to get something with slightly higher miles on it for my budget. That doesn't bother me as I'm all for maintaining the bike myself.

From the list above which bike(s) would you suggest are the easiest to service and take apart? I'm a mechanical engineer by trade so I know my way around a spanner.

Thanks in advance...

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Bandit is easy to service and mod as well.

Things to look out for tend to be the exhaust.

Well know for collector box rot. Easy to get a stainless exhaust thou and fit yourself ( I did it on mine)

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IMO they are all as easy as each other some bits are tricky on certain ones some aren't

just get the bike you like and learn to do the servicing on that bike :wink:

I have worked on all the above bikes and for general servicing I can't say any of them was harder then any of the others

some might argue that the SV been a twin its a twat to get to the rear plug/plugs (depending on the model some have two plugs per cylinder) but in reality its not that hard to do

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