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Moving twice ... what to do?


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XmrsIS and I are selling our houses and buying one house together.

I have exchange contracts on mine and I am moving into her house until we exchange contracts and then complete the purchase on the house we're buying.

The entire chain on XmrsIS side is pretty much ready to exchange, except for the people at the top of the chain who had their offer accepted 3 weeks or 4 weeks ago and have had the survey done, which has shown no problems.

So ... all surveys done, no probs, so barring the unexpected I anticipate only being at her place for 2/3 weeks while we all agree a completion date.

This is a good thing because it means I won't (hopefully!) be camping in her house for very long.

This is also potentially a headache because it means I will have to notify the utilities twice ... and you can guarantee your shiny arse that they will royally f**k it all up because my two move dates will be so close together and a "computer says no" moment is bound to occur ... and when it does f**k up, you can guarantee your shiny arse it will be "my fault" because "we have no record of your house move". (call me a cynic if you will!)

I have it in mind to write to each of them by email, which means I have irrefutable proof on each occasion, that it was not my fault if "computer says no".

I don't want to tell them that I will only be at XmrsIS place for a few weeks because, as we all know, there is absolutely no guarantee of anything until contracts are exchanged.

Has anyone else been in this situation and if so, how did it all go?

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Havent been in that situ, but I'd be tempted to get your post diverted and keep schtum for a couple of weeks - the sheer pain of changing it all for the sake of less than a month, it just isnt worth it

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