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CBT and MOD 1

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So... I've got my motorbike theory booked for next week, passed my car theory last week so not worried about the bike..

Stupid CBT's, after riding 7 years and having 7 years no claims I feel I have earned the right to just be handed the mod 1 xD.. But alas..

I need this, going to practice my swerves and emergency stops over the next few days, got this silly long bike which I detest trying to do things on, cause its damn heavy when you fall over, ended up with a huge bruise on my thigh from falling over when I first got her.

Also need to remember to do all my life savers, so every time I go for a ride going to do that.

Gonna do the mod 1 on their bike, purely because my bike will be a bitch to do u-turns on, I've tried and I nearly always have to put my foot out and I cant do u turns to the left, so going to practice that also.

Random Q, for the MOD 1, do we go on the road?

I know my instructor is pretty much going to put me through all the MOD 1 things when I go to do my CBT, he did last time and told me he wouldn't put me through another CBT haha, but I have been busy the last couple years, what with university.

I need to loose all my bad habits.. ooh this is going to be my first CBT on a motorbike, all the others were on my mopeds.. should be interesting.. Pretty sure I can handle it though.. Just hope I don't forget where the back break is, happens sometimes when I get nervous/panic attack..

Anyway, any tips please?

PS, sorry for my absence, I'm not just using you all for hints and tips, just finished uni 23 days ago and have been super busy organising my life haha..

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Yes MOD 1 is all off road. 'U' turn, avoidance, figure of eight, Slalom, manual manoeuvring, Emergency stop, and controlled stop. Remember to treat it as if you are on the road, lifesavers etc and don't forget the test starts in the car park so shoulder checks there too. HTH.

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I cant do u turns to the left, so going to practice that also.



Left U turns ? not sure it's something that gets tested as we drive on the left and would always do right hand ones.

Maybe someone will correct me if i'm wrong but i never practised one on either my CBT or Mod 1 training/test and think this would be a waste of time.

Good luck with it all though and enjoy.

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yay on no left u turns! that makes sense!

Thank you for letting me know all the things I'll have to do, going to have a practice today with my bike :D I can handle my bike well manually, but its only a 125 so.. but if I can do all the other things on my bike I'll be able to do it on theirs.

Not sure what bike Ill be using, I'll have a word when I book in/go in for my CBT. Looking forward to it. Let us know when you book in! :D what bike are you thinking of eventually getting?

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You will be fine.

I trust you're going in for the a2 license - hence only doing the test on a 125...

once you get used to the weight of the big bike, they're no different to control than a 125. Yes there's more power there, which can be a little frightening at first - but it becomes easy to tame that power with a little practice.

I only made the move to big bikes about 2 months ago and i don't think i'd like to go back on a 125!

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yeah A2, I could wait until next April and do the A license, but I am fed up of being on a 125 now, 6 years of 125s gets boring lol..

Yeah wish I had access to a bigger bike to practice on, but it shouldn't be too different, I have had a ride on a 500cc and that went well, I was a bit unsure at first, but I was also sitting in a different position..

Thanks for the reply :D

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Passed my theory today!! :D going to book my MOD1 after my CBT on saturday - cause my instructor wants to see what bike will be good for me to ride.. Damn short arse xD..

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