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house hunting


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I don't see why not but the person selling the house has probably put all their cr@p in there to make the rest of the house tidy so it could cause embarrasment.

A buyer could need to see whether it had potential for conversion, whether the tank was a rusty hulk, whether it was adequately insulated, whether the mad mother-in-law was hidden there etc...... so the seller should be prepared to be asked (although they probably won't offer to show it to you - unless particularly proud of their train set)

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You can look anywhere that the vendor permits you to look.

If they want to exclude you from certain areas of the house, I would ask why. Anyway, when you get a survey done (which you must if you are getting a mortgage), if they refuse the surveyor access to some areas of the house then the mortgage company probably won't give you a mortgage.

So, it is in the vendor's interest to allow you to see anything you like, within reason. Of course, you should not start taking up floorboards or anything like that.

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If you're really keen to see in the loft (I'd normally have that as a second visit kind of thing rather than every house, usually on the first trip I just ask if its boarded out) it helps to ask before you arrive.

I've been to houses where its a two second job to get the ladder down. Come to mine and I have to get the ladders out the shed, grab a torch, put sheets down on the floor and walls, its a right old faff if I haven't been asked in advance!

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