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Wireless Communications

Guest Madrunner

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A few months back Ride did a review of Bluetooth intercoms. It was amazing how many were rubbish. Have a hunt through some back issues for the article. I subscribe as it saves me money getting the right kit at the right price, first time. So often before I got stuff that said it would do the job but didn't in real world conditions. Good luck mate

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The general rule I have when it comes to ebay is if something is being sold by a company but doesnt give the name of the product, stay away from it. There is a reason why they don't want you to know who made it.

If they do give the name, look into it. Personally I wouldnt buy this one

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Hope its not to late, but I had that exact intercom system.

It was very very good, and there was not really a time where I could not hear what my pillion was saying. I have also received a phone call on the system and the person on the other end did not realize I was on the bike. It was literally one of this 'I am on the bike' 'Really?' situations.

The signal strength is good. We live on the 3rd floor and I could hear the other half while she was standing by the bike outside and 3 floors down. As a rider to pillion communication its is not really that essential, but good to know that the strength of signal is there.

Battery life was ok, and it gives you plenty of warning when it is going via a beep sound so you don't just get cut off in mid flow. I could easily get a days riding out of it. Probably around 5 hours of continued use going form music to intercom modes.

Now for the bad... The headsets were not that great. The microphone bit was awesome, but there did come a point where I had to secure some connections with insulation tape. All worked well for about a year, when one day a connection was made between the two systems and a god awful hissing sound bellowed through the headsets. Tried the reset button, nothing. So yeah, that was the end of that. For the price though cannot really complain.

I should also point out that all I have to go on before this point was a cheap wired system. So may not be the best 'review' in the world.

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