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First Time Rider, Need Help Please

Guest Brumbiker

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Hi All,

Great forum! I will fit in well round here. Bit of a long shot but I'm desperate, I purchased a bike for £500 and got ripped off, my own fault as I should have give the bike a thorough inspection.

I have managed to fix most of the problems by myself. There is one problem I have been really stuck on and I'm considering paying for a mechanic so this is my last straw.

Here goes:

The rear brake light works but only on the back brake lever. It won't work when I flick the main light switch on, both dipped and full beam I get no response. Turn the lights completely off and the brake light works again. It won't stay on either like it should when I turn the lights on. It only lights up when I press the back brake lever. Changed the bulb and inspected the filaments, all seems fine.

About the bike:

It didn't come with a battery and I have to start it when I want to test the lights.

There is a thick green wire that's been cut and hanging loose with a small green wire leading off the end, also a thick red wire without any small wire attached. I'm unsure if these are the battery connectors. If I touch these wires together they spark.

Checked for any loose connections but can't see any. Relay is ok because indicators work fine, also headlights are good.

If you need any more info please ask and I will do my best to provide it. I was told the bike was a dt 125 but infact it's a dz 125, Chinese bike :(

Thanks guys!

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if you were told you were being sold a dt 125 you should have got one. anyone on here who says buyer beware with private sale doesn't know their rights. I would definitely take the jerk to small claims court. might cost £25 but you would get the money back on winning your case. you got a receipt right? or proof you paid them said amount. ebay would piss all over this.

if you can record calls on your phone ring them up and try to get evidence he purposely defrauded you. don't play the recording to anyone as that would be breaking the law. write a manuscript of the conversation as your evidence.

if you can't be bothered with that you need a new wiring loom or a wiring diagram for the bike. don't go shorting cables, you'll only make the problem worse.

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1st off are you sure the bulb is in correctly on the rear light as it has offset pins so will only fit one way,as what you are describing it sounds to me like the brake light is wired as tail light and tail light as brake light i would lift the seat off and check the wires,also when u pres brake pedal with no lights on is the brake light dimmer than when you turn the lights on that means it is wrong way round

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Yes it is very embarrassing haha. The bulb was the wrong way somehow and I managed to put a black to green wire together. All is working good now, just need a new headlamp bulb as the dipper filament has broke :roll:

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It might help (for the future) if you put your location (town/village) in your profile - I assume it is near Birmingham from your site name).

If a member is close, we can pop round and try and help fix things, or find out exactly what the problem is.

There are many helpful people on here - but we need to have the cahance to do so.


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