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Yamaha Aerox Carb problem

Guest Chaz66

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Hi, my son has a 50cc Yamaha Aerox Rossi replica (lol), and it is not running correctly. when we bought the bike it had already had modifications to de-restrict it, which included a leo vince pipe which had been changed back to the original because the owner could not set it up properly.

Recently it has started cutting out on a regular basis. I have stripped and cleaned the carb and re-fitted the Leo Vince pipe but it will not start.

with the airbox removed it will start and rev if my hand is over the intake (choking the carb) and will rev if I remove my fingers slightly but cuts out when I take my hand away.

my guess is that it needs re-jetting but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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The good old previous owner problem!

What was it doing when it started cutting out - was it being ridden/full throttle/idle etc...?

Do you have all the standard bits and bobs? It's way easier to set everything back to standard - filter, pipe, carbs mods, low idle mixture screw to name a few before tuning an engine, that way you know what's causing any issues and you can correct them as you go along.

You might want to take a look and see if there are any air leaks around the carb before you jump to jetting. The easiest way is to spray some carb cleaner around the carb joints and boot then try and fire it up. If it runs then you've got a leak - watch out for stray or perished vacuum lines too.

If that fails then jetting may well be your kiddy. I get my jets from wemoto as they're cheap and I can have them next day. Take a look at this link about carb tuning http://www.factorypro.com/tech/carbtun.html I don't know what carb you've got but it's a great step-by-step guide.

Good luck!

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thanks for your time.

he is a sixteen year old lad so I am guessing he was ragging it everywhere although he says he was riding steadily, but reading between the lines it seems like it cuts out when the engine gets warm and then runs again for a while once it has cooled.

thanks for the link - looks good.


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