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heated grips issues


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Ok folks, been fitting heated grips today, oxford ones. Managed to get them for a bargain at the local bike shop.

They had obviously been in the shop un-purchased for some time as the glue they came with was hard in the pot.

Also, the throttle one was actually quite loose (think someone may have been playing with grips before and sanded it down too much)

Being unable to drive anywhere with the lack of grip, I fed a cut down length of micro fibre polishing cloth through the grip, and pushed them on. You can now pull them off with a lot of effort, but otherwise they are not going anywhere.

So, this is a temporary solution. But then I thought that actually, could I just leave it like that? I am assuming that the grips won't heat the cloth to ignition temperature?

Its just with the one on the right hand side, I am worried that glue may not hold long term due to it being slightly loose, whereas the cloth gives it the smaller internal diameter to be a snug fit.

Generally fine?

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Well no, just thinking tempreture between the inside of the grip and the bar may be higher. Again think I may be looking too much into this. There certainley would not be enough air for a fire, and I am assuming through heat alone it would take near on 100 degrees to set fire to something with just heat and no spark or flame as such.

Yeah its been a long day... Lol.

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Should be no issue. If I remember rightly, I think they have a heating element between a layer of plastic and the layer of rubber, so there is insulation between the element and the bar. Plus they don't get that hot anyway.

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