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Justice is served!


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In the pub last night, a friend of ours who owns a boat in the local boatyard told us the following story. Made me laugh!

He bought an old boat and is in the process of renovating it. He's now at the stage of painting it. He needs to use a kind of paint that needs to be mixed with another chemical to make it go off, otherwise it stays tacky forever. He noticed a couple of dodgy looking characters hanging round near his boat over a couple of days and reported them to the management, who told them to sod off each time. Sure enough, a few days later, he arrived in the morning to find his boat broken into and the paint had been stolen.

The theft was reported to the police, the boatyard manager had them on CCTV, the police recognised them as a well-known pair of scallies, went round to their house ... and found that they had painted their council house (inside and out, I believe) ... with paint that wouldn't dry ... because they hadn't stolen the other chemical that makes the paint go off.


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:lol: Excellent!

I'm a merchant seaman and work with that kind of marine paint, they'll have a b'stard of a job getting rid or it and it stinks!

serves the thieving idiots right :up:


I assume (at least I hope) that the police have informed the council ... who will have a thing or two to say about it!


Like something out of "Only Fools and Horses"....... :wink: :lol: :lol:


Indeed, it reminds me of that episode where Del says, "Rodney, you've only gone and painted the kitchen luminous bloody yellow!" (or something like that).

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Yes but making them work like the rest of us is apparently against their human rights... :lol:

Welcome to this joke of a country, enjoy any small victory, as they will have laboured for hours to paint a house in a way it won't dry!

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