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Daft question


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If you have a faulty head gasket and ride around on it would the bike still be repairable?

Garage a while ago said they thought my head gasket had gone,he said just buy a second hand engine. He also said to ride on this one until one came up cheap. So I did and now I fancy having a go at fixing it myself but is it still repairable or have I done too much damage?

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maybe. maybe not lol.

if your bike has been over heating due to the lack of cooling because your bike has been loosing its coolant because of the damaged gasket then you may have warped/cracked your head or even the block.

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do a compression test.

depending on the result, strip the engine and see what it looks like inside. if your unsure of what your looking at/for, take the engine (in bits) to a bike garage for their opinion.

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What makes them think the gasket has gone ???? oil leak, coolant leak, or lose of compression ?? other :?:

Start with a new gasket,, it's cheaper

Why buy an engine you don't know anything about,,

Better the devil you know! :-)

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