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Bike security idea's wanted

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Not sure if this is the best place for this but, I have a question.

What is the best way to secure your bike and prevent it from being nicked?

I don't have anything yet and I am just getting an idea of what is available and possible. So assuming that my pride and joy arrives with no mobiliser or alarm, what are the options for fitting aftermarket devices and are they worth it? I mean, can they easily be overridden or disabled?

Secondly, what about locks and chains. What is the best option? I was thinking of cementing a U-shaped piece of iron into a solid side wall and using a decent sized chain to chain the bike to it. Any other options that might be equally as effective?

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Get a bike nobody would want to steal .........not ideal because you most likely wont want to ride it

Get alarmed disc locks and a short chain to ground anchor............bit expensive

Remove seat at night to make it difficult to ride away ............. not proven

Park in a well lit area with CCTV ................perhaps not possible

Park bike in such a way as to make it difficult to remove with a standard disc lock fitted .......standard good practice

Park bike In friends garage and pay him a fiver a month or something............may not have any friends

fit a secret immobilizer nobody would find ......................................May be beyond technical skills

What ever you do to make it hard work to steal will most likely encourage the casual thief to look for an easier target so think like a thief.

If someone really wants YOUR bike they will get it ........that's what insurance is for :cheers:

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Ground anchor and a big chain is probably the most effective.

Garage is the best way of reducing your insurance (with or without Akitas) but I wouldn't want to garage mine away from the house though - garage blocks are too obvious a target


Never let it out of your sight

Move to an area where there are no thieves

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Park bike In friends garage and pay him a fiver a month or something............may not have any friends


If some gobshite wants your bike they'll have it away regardless. :-(

Like polecat says, just make it look as difficult as possible to nick and park next to someone else who hasn't bothered chaining theirs up.

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A decent alarm is a good investment.....and the good ones are not too easy to override....so they discourage the casual thief...... :wink: And also a good chain and ground anchor.....or as you say, a U-bolt securely attached to the house......which may be even better as bolt croppers are harder to use if the chain is off the ground..... :wink: A spare seat with some cunningly concealed nails or other pointy devices in it which you put on the bike whilst it's parked at home......just don't forget to swap the good seat back on the bike before you jump on it.... :wink: :lol: :lol:

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security lights are a good deterrent.

ground anchor and sold secure approved chain.

decent disk lock.

decent alarm/immobiliser such as the datatool s4 red.

decent garage security (or shed).

you cant stop them stealing it if they really want it. your best plan is to make it harder to steal than someone elses bike. therefore, if they cannot wheel it away or lift it into van then they will go and steal a different bike.

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+1 on the decent alarm system. The only issue I have with alarm systems is they can get annoying when working on the bike and stuff. Yes, I know datatool alarms come with 'service' mode and all that, but still annoying. At least you have a bike to work on though!

Other simple things would be ALWAYS put the steering lock on - easily breakable by someone stealing it but its all about making it tricky. They will pass up a tricky theft for a sure thing, opportunists

Leave it in gear, as in like 3rd or something, that way it makes it slightly more tricky to just wheel away. Anyone wanting to wheel your bike away now will at least need to have SOME knowledge about how to ride it / how the gears work. Sounds stupid but when I did my CBT I tried turning the key to start the bike, didn't even know it had a starter button. So you have reduced potential thieves to other bikers alone now.

Disk lock is essential. These are great as even the cheap ones are not easily by passable due to the fact that the shape of the locking system is not really standard, and breaking them off could potentially damage the bike.

Probably most of all - a cover. If they can't see it, though don't know whether it is worth stealing or not, and puts an extra step of effort in their way should they want to take it. Its not going to catch anyone's eye.

I suppose they are my suggestions for 3 basic and relativity cheap things that could make a decent difference. The alarm system is brilliant though. A decent one will do you wonders. Basically means you cannot start the bike even if you have the key. Though they don't have to start it to take it...

Ground anchor probably only any use if you have a garage, and can stick it in some concrete or something.

Having said all this, I am fortunate enough to live in an area where you could leave your car open with keys in the ignition and get away with it.

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check out these guys, they sell the very best security locks/chains/ ground anchors in my opinion... The 'Protector' chains are awesome, i own one and it is very solid (and an 'untouchable' lock)

www. elitesecuritysupplies.com

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I use Almax chains. They cannot be cropped, and will destroy the teeth of the croppers. Check them out at www.almax-security-chains.co.uk and take your time to look at the videos of them cropping their competitors chains. It's shocking to see that some of the best known chains in the country are being chopped through between 3 seconds and 63 seconds. They are genuinely helpful guys that run it, and if you say that I referred you to them, them will usually give a discount, like half price p&p or something. And the great thing is that they are not the most expensive chains. You have to buy them direct through Almax though,.

I actually have 5 of their chains, in different sizes and lengths. I always use at least 2 whilst it is anchored in my garage, but I take the lighter chains with me when I go abroad. I bought the Defiant ground anchor from them too.


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Own a chinese bike :lol:


good theory, unless the thieves are playing a variation of the "pull a pig" game.


My dad always told me the practice was called "Monster Hunting", but I'm sure the principle is the same.


Get yourself a 'double bagger' like a Dullville!

I love your dad's occasional dark side! :lol:

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