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Honda CBR600RR


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It's a 2009

Haggled it down to £5500

Had done 12,000 miles

So two years after my old CBR600RR Hannspree got stolen I've come back for round two :)

Saw this one, in immaculate condition and had to have it.

I bought it for the price I did as it only had 1 previous owner, it had rarely seen a wet day, it had over £3000 of kit put on it I will list in a moment. And it was fully serviced and ready to go!

The mods include

Akropovic full titanium exhaust system with carbon fibre tip, and O2 sensor eliminator

Power commander, with custom map set up on the dyno controlling fuelling and ignition, and as a result it has a dyno read out of 125BHP.

Akropovic carbon fibre exhaust guard and rear hugger

Braided lines front and back

Carbon fibre HRC stick pack for tank and yoke, along with double bubble screen and a set of bar ends that take out the vibration at motorway speeds

Seat cowl

R&G full crash protection

R&G tail tidy

All told, it has lose 15kg of weight from a standard model and is up about 7BHP.

I was expecting this bike to ride badly, as with it tuned I figured it would be jittery.

The exact opposite was true!

Above 3000rpm it is smooth and very powerful, way more than what I remember thanks to the new mapping. It does exactly what I want it to and when I want it to. It remains highly controlled all the way through the rev range, but at 9000rpm it really goes!

Fuel consumption isn't bad either, it achieves over 60mpg on a eco run.

Handles well, even 2 up it doesn't lose as much of its poke as you'd expect. I always notice this with pillions but so far I've taken a couple of people on the back and it's still kept the response so I can ride more akin to how I do on my own without hassle!

One little niggle I've found is that when it gets very hot and stuffy it likes to stall. I have to deliberately give it a lot of throttle when the temp gauge is over 95 degrees. I have put it down to the mapping being set for an optimal temperature, not a high one. But other than make me look silly, it's not a problem.

Overall I am absolutely overjoyed with the bike, it was better than my expectations. It was by far an insensible choice. Logic was thrown out of the window for this one but it has paid of magnificently.

For those looking at them, I find it to be the king of the 600cc class and I have ridden all of them!

It is not cramped for all 6 foot 2 of me and I find it perfectly comfortable even on the motorway.

It's a blast, that's for sure!

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