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New Armour for Old Leathers

Guest greengriff

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Hi Everyone, first post. Hoping for some good advice, like everyone is I'm sure.

It's time to replace the foam armour in my old Manx Kushitani leathers. The leathers are fine (built to last) despite being old, it's just that the armour is getting a bit 'dry' feeling, and of course there is much better modern armour out there. Unfortunately none that I've seen is quite the right shape to replace the original stuff, so I was considering a few options:

1. Get some new armour and cut it to shape (this is my least favourite option).

2. Get one of those kinky looking under vests with the armour built in: http://www.forcefieldbodyarmour.com/pro ... shirt/2407

3. Get some custom made armour.

Has anyone tried anything like the above? Any alternative ideas welcomed too.



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Welcome to the Forum mate........ 8-)

Hmmm.....yeah, I don't think cutting armour about is a great idea...... :shock:

The forcefield vest thingy looks OK......but I guess you'll need stuff for the bottom half too?..... :wink:

Custom made armour?......dunno, never seen this advertised anywhere.... :?

I take it that all the armour available from the different manufacturers is not suitable for your suit?

Does the suit have pockets for the armour to slide into?.......if so, any chance of getting the pockets altered to take different armour?

I take it you've looked at Knox and Rukka, etc...... :)

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If you can get any armour you want, check out the Rukka APS stuff. When I was buying my gear, the guy showed me the armour upgrades. It's impressive stuff. Really flexible so is supposed to be really comfy, but goes hard on impact. He got me to punch it and it definitely went hard. Hurt a little. I can't afford it at the moment, but it looked decent. :)

http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcy ... prod/97635

Good luck sorting this out - I'm sure anyone who is good at sewing and stuff could sort the pockets out :)

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Thanks! The Rukka stuff is a lot of money - has anyone ever crashed in it to test it out? I don't mind spending to get the best protection, but it wouldn't be the first time in my life I've been had over paying too much for something.

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I think the Rukka stuff is good.....but I bought a complete set of Knox hard armour for about £25 a couple of years back....and it's good stuff......not that I've tried it in anger......and hopefully won't have to either..... :wink:

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:-). Thanks for your help everyone. I guess ebay will have to be my new friend. Maybe some of the Rukka stuff will come up second hand. For the new prices of it I could treat myself to some new leathers and not have to look like an eighties throwback.
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£25 is more my kind of budget :-). Can you recall where you got it from?

Sorry for the late reply mate.......but, yes it was off eBay. Can't remember the seller....but I'm sure you'll find some with a search on there.... 8-) it was brand new stuff too........but it was about 18 months ago.

good luck..... 8-)

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