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TMBF End of Season Meet. Sunday 6th Oct.


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Hi Folks......we're planning an end of season meet at Willingham Woods on Sunday 6th Oct 2013.

The plan will be to meet at Willingham Woods Car Park between 12:00-13:00.

Postcode for the carpark is: Market Rasen LN8 3RQ

Jive has posted on the East Anglia rideout section.......so this can be used to arrange the rideout from that area to Willingham.

Others please feel free to post in your local rideout section to arrange to meet and come along.

Please indicate in the local thread if you intend to come along....just so the local organiser has an idea of how many bikes to expect......and so that no one is left behind at the departure time.... :wink:

This is completely open....everyone is welcome....and the more the merrier..... 8-)

Some of us are fair weather bikers......so some of the arrangements will be subject to the weather on the day.....so keep an eye on the rideout sections...... :wink:

Hope to see a good turnout.......and meet as many TMBF members as possible...... 8-)

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I will be there weather permitting there is some cracking roads up to there too


f*** me , that's miles away , lol.

still a possible if its not howling it down


It's only about 80 miles for you cat the other place was over 100 for me! I had to fill up as soon as I left :lol:

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Yeah....a15 isn't a bad route. But there may be other possibilities too......depending on the weather and how many miles folks fancy doing...... :wink:

It's a fair way from us too......but if the weather's good I'm well up for that.... 8-)

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Providing we (us from Cambridge area) avoid the A1 - A46 route, I`ll be happy to come along.


If you can find an alternative route to Lincoln the A46 from there to Market Rasen is pretty nice. Or the road from Skegness to Rasen is a good one depending where you're coming from. It's a boring straight out of Skeggy as they've put a by pass in, but once passed that is nice. Get to Louth and swing a left and onto Rasen. Can't remember the names and am on the phone but can put a route up later.

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Can I suggest a slight detour from Horcastle?


Just as you leave Horcastle take a left onto the B1190 To Bardney, then take a right to pick up the B1202 to market Rasen.

It's one of my all time fave roads and I have friends from Huntingdon that have travelled that road a few times with me (used to ride down and meet them in Boston and bring them up to the Woods) and they love it.

Here are some clips coming from Rasen to Horcastle. Excuse the pixelating, It was an old JVC cam that was used and the tape in it went wangy with the vibrations when I hit 10K revs. Taken on my CBR660F :D Excuse the wind noise in clip 3.

Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkekZ0tS ... tze7cIL8hA

Part 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rHFaSWR ... tze7cIL8hA

Part 3. With a liitle mistake thrown in at 1:06 :oops:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW2jCnZ6 ... tze7cIL8hA

Just watched these back and can't wait to get a bike again!!!

EDIT: Can't seem to get these embedded :oops:

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