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Rear brake problems

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I have overhauled the rear caliper on my gsx 750 es. 30 years of crud etc didn't help but now all ok after a good clean of the pistons and new seals and pads but I now have a weird problem. The caliper is not central to the disc and 1 side of the new pads won't go in as the is not enough space even with the pistons all the way back. Can anyone help or know why this has happens. When I changed the pads 1 side was right down to the steel and the other side was not to bad hence one piston was fitter out than the other but that should not be the problem as the pistons are all the way back

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Does the rear calliper have pistons on both sides? My bikes only have pistons on one side......the calliper then floats on the mounting pins........if, as I suspect this is the same on your bike, the calliper is sticking on the pins and not centralising on the disk when you apply the brake........ :wink:

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Sounds like the same problem I had with my rear brake, one of the sliders had seized so the brake pad closest to the wheel wasn't moving and the other one was doing all the work. I ended up buying a new caliper but with patience an lots of WD40 you could probably free it up if that is the problem.

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Brakes sorted. I stripped the caliper . Put in new seals, cleaned up the pistons. Used the right red grease, replaced the pads, used copper grease and all is well with a re bleed. Nice to know is wasn't to difficult a job in the end even for a non mechanic like me. Quite satisfying and money saving. Best check the fronts now

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