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Air cooled engine - repaint or not?

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This is an area I am very unfamiliar with. I have noticed the rocker covers black paint gradually deteriorating over the last year or two, and have been planning to get them chromed. I can manage that - remove them, send them off, get them back and replace using new chromed bolts. Easy.


Now though, the engine cooling fins are losing their paint covering, mostly at the front where the rain and wind do most of the blatting, and I am now becoming displeased with their appearance. :x


The area where the clutch and gearbox meet the drive shaft is also becoming tatty in places


My questions are, assuming I can remove the engine with help, is it a big expensive job to have these repainted, and also am I being too nitpicky?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



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Get the old paint off with a wire brush and put some new stuff on there........heatproof paint obviously.....can't remember the stuff I used on the barrels of my old Bonneville....but it came up a treat....... 8-)

Finish is only as good as the preparation mate.....so take time to get all the loose stuff off and clean it well with white spirit or the like before applying the high temp paint........ :wink:

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I assumed that to do the job properly, all the old paint, good and bad, would have to be blasted off, meaning engine out strip down etc.

I think you're saying that I just have to remove the loose and flaking paint, and then paint straight over what's left?

I probably appear thick, but I'm just inexperienced......

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I used rotary wire brushes and lots of engine cleaner and degreaser on my FZR engine. I then painted it with aluminium engine paint and Halford's metallic black engine paint (which comes out a metallic grey).

A lot of work but worth it.





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