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Motorcycle live 2013 23/11 - 1/12


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Booked the Friday off work.....well....when it's confirmed.....but yeah!!....deffo up for it..... 8-)

Probably take the car though......lots of room to bring back all the goodies..... :lol: :lol:


Friday 29th ? be great to meet up I'll pm you my mob

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Add your name to this list if you're going on the Friday! Shall we all aim to meet up for a drink/some grub maybe?

What are you all hoping to get? I have an epic list as per usual :mrgreen:

Moo needs: new textiles (at least a jacket), thermal gloves, boots & new helmet

Moo wants: an ER6f hahaha, heated grips & whitle leathers (to get black fresian-style blobs sprayed on! :lol: ) 8-)

I will hopefully find out what my bonus is this year before I go as planning on using it for this...currently saving for bike lessons, test and ER6F but keen on getting some better gear. Only thing I've really spent good money on are my bike, back protector and knee guards!

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I'm after gloves and maybe a Christmas pressie for Bob

Ooohhh.....let's see, what do I want......gonna be a struggle deciding between a new Speed Triple or a Rocket 111....... :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Glad I put the 'maybe' in there :lol:

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If you're heading to the show anyway, you might be interested in the big give away we're running in conjunction.

All the details are at:



Cheers all - hopefully see a few friendly faces from here while we're there.

Have a great weekend,


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