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Gore tex trousers

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it's not often i will come on here and say how good a shop is, but honestly, i've really got to mention Infinity motorcycles in Camberley... first time i'd been there since it opened in January this year, and what a great place. First off, it's just a massive warehouse filled with bike gear, and second, most of it is at a really good price, third, some of it is at a fantastic price.

and now for the best bit... i managed to pick up a pair of Held gore tex trousers (size small) on sale from £299.00 to £89.99. I couldn't believe it, i had to double check with the girl on the till before trying them on... even come with a 5 year guarantee. Been after a pair of gore tex trousers for ages now, but was not willing to pay £300+ for them!

No more wet pants when i arrive at work in the morning (from the rain, not from wee'ing myself :up:

anyway, worth a look if you can get down there, they've got lots of Rukka gear on sale as well, and it's not often you get a shop with 3 large changing rooms. The girl in the shop also kept an eye on my little boy whilst he was running riot around the shop :cheers:

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The infinity motorcycles in Southampton is the best shop by far around here. Knowledgeable and friendly and as you say, great prices.

That's a ridiculous bargain that you got :shock:

yep, i'm well pleased! couldn't believe the price tag when i looked at it. matching jacket was reduced from £350 to £250... if it had been £89.99, i would have bought that as well.

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The girl in the shop also kept an eye on my little boy whilst he was running riot around the shop


It's a bit of a treck for me but for that kind of service I reckon it's worth the milage.

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