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Exhaust repair


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I've got an after market exhaust on my bike that the previous owner fitted which sounds awesome but where the old exhaust system meets the new one the pipes are different sizes not by much but enough for it to blow and recently start rattling.

I've tried exhaust putty which I put on after riding so the pipe was hot and it set as it should but when I went for a ride today I noticed it had turned back to its liquid form and been blown away from the joint. So I now need a different way to seal the gap I've seen exhaust bandages and also exhaust wrap but which one is best or are they pretty much the same thing? I need to paint the exhaust soon anyway as it hasn't been done and with winter and the salt approaching I'd rather get it done sooner or later.

The exhaust wrap I've seen comes in lengths long enough to go along the entire length of the exhaust which if it's a proper seal would mean I wouldn't need to paint the exhaust pipes so two birds one stone.

What's your opinions?

Cheers. Adam

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Can you wrap something around the smaller diameter pipe......something like copper sheet or the like...... :wink:

Exhaust repair bandage and putty is fine for a car system where it's hidden....but looks crap on a bike......and these things are normally only good for silencer boxes etc.....where the temperature is lower than on a header pipe on a bike...... :wink:

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Welding it would be the best option but it's not something I can do myself today if you get what I mean. So I had a closer look at my exhaust system to see why it was rattling and then I found the reason.. The bolt that holds the exhaust down pipe (just after the end can) had come lose and the nut is nowhere to be seen so with all the vibrations the exhaust had worked itself lose and wasn't secured properly so I've replaced the bolt with a bigger one and will get some lock tight on the nut.

For now as a temporary fix I've put the exhaust putty back on as I believe the pipe had moved rather than the putty so we'll see what happens with that one, them spacers are a brilliant idea! Might well invest in some of them.

Cheers everyone :)

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