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fuel pump replacement help

Uncle Meat

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I bought a new fuel pump for my ybr 125 and proceeded to remove the old assembly from inside the tank. All went well until I tried to remove the cage surrounding the old pump!

There are 3 clips (see attached pic) I cannot get these to budge and am wary about prizing out the cage as it's plastic and may crack?

Can anyone who has changed one of these before give me the best plan of attack before I go crazy...!!!


Many thanks, Dave.

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That clip that you have ringed should push in allowing the cage to slide past...


That's what I would have thought but it's solid and won't budge...! not even a smidgen.

I fear it will snap if I get too brutal, but I suppose I don't have any choice really... :?

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Try a small flat headed screw driver under the lip of the clip as far as you can get it in then lift it up and with a bit of luck it should move! You might need to jam something in each one to keep them held back whilst you do the next one.

Good luck!

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