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My new but tired, Zx7r P2

Guest Legatron

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Having bought the bike for £700 I thought it was a good and a good start for a project , but I should have known....... It was Friday the 13th.

It's 1997 p2, 34k miles and pretty tired.

Anyway, and having looked past the minimal service history and tatty fairings the bike didn't seem soon bad.

This weekend the work has started and it's certainly a lot cleaner than it was. Side fairings removed and set for the bin, I have removed about 1/2 a kg of crud from around the kickstand, and gear linkage and bottom of the rear shock.

Now, and the bike is missing a battery strap, apparently the last one snapped! Well I can vouch for that because I was shocked to find the metal latch and end of said strap lodged in the crud very close to the sprocket cover!!

Anyway, about 2 hours of cleaning, and degreasing, WD40ing(?), brake cleaning, oil and filter change (oil was disgusting) I decided to actually ride the bike.

The bit I had forgotten was the petrol....

The bike seemed to ride well enough, but only for 1/2 a mile where it decided to cough and splutter the to a halt...

Thankfully after the walk back it was cured by some fresh fuel and I took it for a decent ride to check it out. I didn't want to try the reserve as God know how old that was, would it have made matters worse?

I'm pretty pleased with it, it rides well, I pulls like a train after 5k, but it's certainly a project and the front brakes are a little, er, optional. The 6pot Tokicos are apparently prone to all sorts of probs if not looked after and I expect to that is the case hear. 4 pot nissins might make an appearance.

So snag list is currently :

Continue with the clean

Carbs check

Shim check


Battery strap


Front fork seals,

Remove and the check rear shock

Exhaust baffle missing

Fuel filter

air filter

New mirrors, and probably lots more I've forgotten.

It was good to get it on the road today and a great feeling to be back on 2 wheels.

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Yeah ditch the 6 pot tokico's they are more trouble then they are worth I have the 4 pot nissins and the are shit hot miles better than the 6 pots :shock: plus cheaper pads too :lol:

you want the ones with 90mm centres between the mountings they where fitted to a fair few bikes early bandit 1200 rf900 zx7 some triumph's but these have triumph on the side

easier to bleed too then the tokico's

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Glad it's going well so far! Looks pretty tasty half faired too. :-)

You're brakes may well be shee-ite if your fork oil has dribbled down on to them. Maybe clean out the calipers and disks then bung some new pads on before you condem the 6 pots.

There's a company in Wales that makes standard and race fairings for the 7 if you're looking for replacements...

Deffo bin the old fuel and give the carbs a good clean after you've replaced the filter - if you've got access to a sonicator then it's well worth dunking the emulsion tubes and jets in there for a bit to get rid of the crud.

Also, check THIS LINK for a few handy tech tips/bits and bobs.

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Yeah, a jewellery one will do the trick. I've got an industrial one in the lab if you can't find one. They're not that bad to set up, you just need to tune them up in a methodical manner - try this link: http://www.factorypro.com/tech/carbtun.html

Have you been looking on zxforum? If so, stop. Stop now!

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No real updates this week as I have ever my daughter this weekend. But, the nice people at scorpion are sending email a new Baffle. The one that came with the bike was not for my exhaust!

Next weekend, plugs and fuel filter..... Oh and maybe the refurbed Nissins I just bought too :)

So If anyone wants some 6pot tokicos, they will be available soon.

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fixed image for ya :)

you cant go wrong with the nissin's :)

Now that's really funny Stu......the Nissin's got a right slating on the Speed Triple forums......but I've got to say that since putting the Carbone Lorraine pads in mine they have been great...... 8-)

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The general consensus on dedicated forums was that the Nissins are a big improvement. I was going to strip and refurbished the tokicos but a complete seal kit for the 6pots was circa £50.

This way I get some refurbed "superior" calipers for £100 which require cheaper pads, less attention and give better feel. Of course this is using the opinions and feedback of others rather than myself so I'm taking a bit of a leap of faith.

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