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Shark Evoline 2


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Bought Oct 2012 for £180, reduced as the Evoline 3 had just come onto the market.


Flip over chin bar. The series 2 needs the visor opened before the chin bar can be flipped, the series 3 does not. I do not consider that to be a deal breaker. I can easily flip the chin bar either way on the move, it clicks into place either way. As an open faced helmet it still has a lot of protection with only the tip of my chin exposed. The visor comes all the way down and I ride that that most of the time. The chin bar comes down on the motorway and in the rain. I do not notice the chin bar when it is back on the helmet now, but I did at first due to the way it changes the weight distribution.

Sun visor. Slides up and down no problem and covers my eyes.

Quality of finish inside and out. After a year of use the chin bar works fine, as does the sun visor. Comfortable and easy to clean.

Ratchet strap, which I prefer to a D ring.

Ventilation, very good with the chin bar up, not so great when it is down with two vents that do not appear to do a huge amount.

Noise, poor. It is a noisy helmet and manages to be as noisy with the chin bar down as up.

Overall verdict - I cannot imagine a better style of helmet, the chin bar makes it for me, with only noise as a downside and that is solved with ear plugs.

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Chin bar up means a much better view and no issues with fogging up. I see bikers with full face helmets and the visor open and worry about their eyes and what could happen if they get a strike by a stone or insect.

I also get a bit claustrophobic and found this was the best compromise as the coverage is more than most open face helmets, with the option of in a second switching to full face.

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I had to ditch the helmet after a very sweaty long weekend of touring and camping in Spring 2017, the liner was yuck. The visor was scratched to buggery as well. Missed it terribly for TMBF rally and all the tagging I did. So, start of 2018 and one pops up on ebay in an auction and I get it for £161, bargain. It is the Evoline 3 Moov It


I know it is the 3 and this review is for the 2, but the only difference that is clear, is that the lining is thicker and made out of nicer materials. The claims of it is lighter and more aerodynamic must be minimal improvements.

It still has the irritating top seal, which needs rubbing with goopy stuff to stop it folding back in on its self. I eventually trimmed it off the old helmet and it made no difference to the seal and noise.

All the positives are still there.

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