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Suspension's gone soft... or has it?


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It feels like my front fork has gone soft and compresses way to much. There's no oil leak around the fork seals or anything though...

How do I know if this is just my imagination or not?

Thanks :)

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this is a possibility, the oil degrades and becomes thinner through use and therefore has less resistance.

your manual should give you guidelines but tbh its not much of a job to change it so just get some new oil. if that doesnt help then look at your compression/rebound settings

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Is the bike high mileage? As springs do wear out!

My old yellow cbr was very bouncey at 40k miles!

To put off the wear, replace oil, get the bikes front wheel off, do one fork at a time. Take off the fork, carefully remove the top and dump out the oil. Pump it out using the cartridge and then replace the oil. Use a metal ruler to set the air gap to make sure the level is right. :)

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Just remember fella, if the springs are fine and you put heavier oil in there, you can damage the handling!

They are small light springs in 125s so its possible! I'd get the springs out and check to see if there is any wear.

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