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Matt colour helmets?

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i did ask this quesiton in the 'tried and tested' section, where someone has actually done a review of a matt black helmet, but no reply as of yet, and the post is quite old (i did pm the op as well).

Just wondering if anyone has got a matt coloured helmet, and if so, how's it holding up over time? I love the look, i just worry that the paint job won't hold up as well as the normal shiny helmets (ooo errrr :lol:

if they end up looking 10 years old after only 1 years worth of use, then i will steer clear. :cheers:

cheers :cheers:

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Just dug out my black with white viper stripe KBC that I've had since 2004. There's not much in the way of marks on it - certainly no worse than my 5 year old shiny Shoei!

My only gripe about it is that no matter how I clean it, the white bit always looks grubby. :-s

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I'm guessing you get what you pay for - I am on my 3rd £60 Spada helmet (1 big drop, 1 accident haha!); my first one was matt and a couple of marks on it peeled away to reveal the shinyness underneath which looked horrible. But possibly to do with the cost of the helmet. Have had glossy ones since and no probs, marks just buff off.

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So far its handling ok! Few little smudge marks but i cant see them with my helmet on and neither can the people i whizz past ;) Tiny scratch and i mean the size of a crumb so again not a problem, still looks amazing and i'm glad i purchased it :D

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