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YBR 125 (2007) Front Light Issue?


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Hi guys! Need your help.

Lately I've been heading onto the dual carriage way to head to work, in the early hours of the morning, so at this time its dark. The dual is decently lit so I keep my headlight in low beam. What I've seen and don't like is that them beam somehow drops its brightness from low to even lower without me even touching it? like I've ridden over a hump or somewhat. It last for a few seconds and goes back to normal low beam. Hope that makes sense. What could be the problem?

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Had a problem with this on my previous 09 model. My headlight bulb connection was a little dodgy. I ended up having to slightly rotate the bulb by 2-3 degrees anti-clockwise in the socket because the connection didn't seem to be properly aligned. Also make sure there is no corrosion on the connections. If there is, ACF-50 is excellent at removing and preventing corrosion. Otherwise, perhaps look for a replacement connection.

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