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Protecting polished alloys

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no easy way

wash and polish them

or paint them again

if someone says lacquer them you are wasting your time it wont stick and will peel plus it will probably go yellow too

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Solvol Autosol has some kind of protection built in......but it doesn't last too long.......dunno if any of the resin polishes like Autoglym resin polish would be any better? Don't know how it would be on hot engine parts..... :? Or maybe even ACF50?

Think it'll be a case of trying stuff out and seeing how it goes........ :wink:

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Belgom Alu is very good and does leave a protective coating which does last for a while.

When the alloy becomes dirty, clean with wet wipe and re-do the Belgom Alu.

It's what I use all the time.


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i had issue years ago with honda ns125 alu bits once polished, i used a fuel proof celluose dope that you paint balsa petrol aircraft/ models with, it was brill, model shops know what this is, and its clear coat/ fuel proof,,,,

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