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helmet shopping - why you should try on as many as you can.

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so i went down to helmetcity in Chichester at the weekend, great little shop with almost every helmet brand you would want to try, and nice and friendly staff, who just let me get on with trying out loads of different helmets. They also didn't mind my son running riot round the rest of the shop, and getting his grubby little mitts on all of the helmet visors within his reach! :)

anyway, it would be a bit pointless me reviewing all the lids i tried on as everyone's head shape is different, so a bad fitting helmet to me, might fit your head 'like a glove'. But what i will say, is that the quality of the Arai's and Shoei's are just still so much better that the rest. Honestly, i tried on every brand of helmet in that shop, and i just couldn't get a better fit/feel/comfort that the Arai and Shoei.

The X lite 802r was a nice lid, felt light, but just didn't feel as secure on my head (i prefer a helmet to fit on my head like a glove on a hand).

The Bell M5X was a nice looking lid, and i had my eye on it prior to turning up, but again, it just didn't feel right, no matter what size i tried on. shame, i really liked this lid.

Shark speed r - i wanted to love this helmet, as it looked great, has an internal sun visor, and comes in some great graphics. Put it on, and it felt awkward, like i was constantly waiting for it to sit right.

Schuberth SR1 - great looking lid, lots of features, again, wanted to like it, but put it on and there is this instant pressure against my forehead, and i just knew that after 30 mins of riding i'd have a stabbing headache.

Shoei XR1100 - wow, what a great fit, feels like this lid was made just for me. and so light as well. Great visor on it with the max pinlock insert included. I was basically sold, but the colour scheme/style i wanted was full price (over £400) and i'm not paying that much... (sad times)

Arai Chaser - again, fit really well, but that was to be expected as i currently ride in an arai. Funny thing was the Arai Chaser V didn't fit as well, and the padding didn't feel as good once i put it on, not as fitting.

So i'm currently deciding between an old Arai chaser, as they have some cheap on certain websites (getting rid of old stock), or if i can get past the dodgy colour schemes then some of the older style Shoei xr1100s are a lot cheaper than the current models (a LOT cheaper), so i may go down that route.

But yeah, for people asking on here about helmets, or just buying online without trying them on, do yourself a favour and get down to a shop and try as many on as you can... spend at least an hour trying out all the different models/sizes to see which fits best. Then when you find the one you like and it fits nicely, spend some time in the shop with it on just to see how it feels after a few minutes or so.

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I was thinking of an Arai chaser for my next as well :D

Found the super tiny size fit me very nicely indeed..

Cheers for this post, It's a good read.. Specially for those getting their first lid :thumb:

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Good advice, but I got a Nolan at Birmingham in November, comfortable, fits well etc, but much more wind noise. Can't test that in the shop.

true... i wonder if next time they'll let me take a load of different helmets out in the car, then i can try each one on and stick my head out the window whilst going down the motorway! :lol:

but yeah, i wear ear plugs so not really a big deal for me.

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