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Attempted theft of dog.

uk red neck

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Today I took out Lab to Poulter country park, on the Notts/Derbyshire border.

Whilst walking parallel to Whaley road someone stopped on the road, and attempted to lure him away with a treat, while he was around 60 foot in front of me.

There is around 4 rows of trees between the road and path, so he must have been looking hard to see the dog.

When I shouted, the dog ran back, and the guy returned to his car and drove off.

The car was a large saloon, (possibly a 406), dark colored, and an Hawaiian style garland hanging from the rear view mirror almost down to the dashboard.

I have reported it to the police, and have an interview with them tomorrow.

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Ugh!! Makes my blood boil to have people just grab what they want! :evil:

Why would you try and do off with someone elses pet?? Madness and just cruel to another level..

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Horrible that someone would try to steal a dog.

We've got two dogs. The Shih Tzu I'm always worried that someone would try to pinch. Never let her off the lead when we're out.

The American Bulldog, however? She's wary of strangers at the best of time. If someone got her in their car and did something she didn't agree with, I wouldn't like to be in their shoes, lol...

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Local Chinese?


you joke but a Chinese opened locally and over the following few weeks there were missing cat flyers up everywhere, then the place shut down about a month later but I never heard why.... I can only presume

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