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Power loss Lexmoto zsx 125

Guest ziggs65

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My better half took my bike to work one day last week and when I went out on it later that day, it seemed to be down on power. Gets to about 1/2 - 3/4 throttle, then stutters a little, but then struggles to get to 60. Not that it goes much beyond that mind you lol. It was serviced last week, carb inspected, air filter cleaned.

The only thing I noticed was she'd put some fuel in and not closed the cap properly.

What sort of things should I be checking?

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Check the plug....see what colour it is....and also if it's in OK.

Plenty of oil in the engine?.......sump plugs can fall out after a service...... :wink:

Valve clearances?......are they OK.

Just a few things that have sprung to mind....... :wink:

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Not really sure how to test where air is coming from, however, whilst checking over the bike, I noticed the inline fuel filter is not full. Shouldn't this always be full? Could it be that enough fuel is getting through except when throttle is fully open, which is why its stuttering?

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