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US Shutdown??


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XmrsIS (who is a civil servant) and I were commenting this morning that if the UK government shut everything down and told people they were not going to get paid, just because of some political bickering, we would have instant riots. What's happening in the US then?

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As far as I can tell. The President (democrat) is trying to force through an act to reform healthcare which has been blocked by the house of representatives (republican). similar in purpose to our house of lords however they are voted in.

The reason the republicans where voted in to the house of representatives was partly due to the healthcare reform among other things, pissing off a large majority of americans.

despite this the reform was still included in the US budget for next year, The republicans said no, as already expected by everyone. They throw there toys out of there pram and shut down the government in the process.

And this is the government that has the largest influence worldwide, Brilliant!

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The general view over here is...

The US government is shut down so nothing will get done.

However it's not like they did anything anyway!

So no one is panicking haha :lol:

They've just shown how pointless they are!

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