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Skyjet SJ125GY-6 Help

Guest Gregwards

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I recently brought a skyjet SJ125GY-6. The guy said it ran fine and just needed a few repairs but most the parts were there. As I expected the guy was lying and now I am stuck with a few parts from random bikes and most of a skyjet SJ125GY-6. Can anyone tell me firstly a good place/website to get parts from, and more importantly which is the correct wiring loom. I have the one for the Skyjet SJ125-25 which was actually quite lucky because that is the other bike I own so it isn't to bad I have a spare just in case. Main problem is the GY-6 has an electric speedo and the SJ125-23 has an analog speedo so we wont be able to modify it.

PS. This bike was brought as a project bike so I could learn from a professional while we do it up so don't just say sell/scrap it because I am actually still looking forward to this.

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