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Robbing twats that are royal mail!!


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I have just sold a few bits on Egay

a set of brake discs and a harris screen brace

I put £10 post on the discs and £5 on the screen brace

the discs pack small enough for a small parcel but because of the weight they have to go medium :roll: as a result £12.92 48 hour

the screen brace really light (600 grams) but because of the shape yup medium parcel again :roll: this cost £6.30 :shock:

where the hell do they get these prices from

No wonder people are using couriers these days!

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That's why I use MyHermes Stu.......and you can post stuff at reasonable times as the drop-off points are often in corner stores that are open all hours......GggggggGranville....... :wink: :lol: :lol:

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Their parcel prices are extortionate!

My girlfriend bought some shoes off amazon for £13 inc. postage but they didn't fit, so had to send them back. Went to the post office and they wanted to charge £6 postage even though it was rather light and not even a full size shoe box.

Walked out and will sell them on ebay and make someone else pay a stupid price on postage!

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I absolutely despise the Royal Mail. Made this a while ago, sums up my experiences nicely:



My dads a manager at a Royal mail depot and he absolutely loved it and apparently he showing others at work it :P

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They have let me down a lot down here in London. Up north I was on first name terms with the guy!

They've managed to screw up a number of deliveries, and their tracking has always mucked up with me :x

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ahhh Royal Snail.. :D

Littleport and Ely post used to be super fast, and nice and early in the morning..

BUt now the postman doesnt get to my door until around 2.30pm.

Sucks when your excited to recieve parcels, like i normally am :D

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Our old postman used to come at 8-9ish in the morning which was great, especially when waiting for a parcel. Our current one turns up at 2-3 at the earliest.

I use couriers for my parcels always. MyHermes is alright, but don't give em something fragile :lol:

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