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Newbie need clothing tips

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Hello all,

I'm new to biking just passed my CBT (minus a little thing i have to re-do) and have a Sinnis cafe 125 on order (love cafe racer look) i am looking to get a set of textile clothing to wear on a day to day basis to work and back and general driving around. I have a budget of around £500 i can always go a little higher if it is really worth it. but what i will need is the whole thing! so Jacket, Trousers, Gloves Boots and a helmet. Preferable colour black and cream (Bike colour) But as long as its not all mismatched that would be fine to :), Also any good dealers in my area (Essex) Would be great. Also not sure if it will help finding things with prices but im 6ft 16stone 23 year old.

Hope to hear some good response

Many thanks


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Welcome to TMBF mate........head over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to the rest of the gang when you can...... 8-)

If you could make it up to the Motorcycle Live Show at the NEC in Birmingham at the end of November I'm sure you'd find all that you need there...... 8-)

The other thing is check eBay for secondhand gear......people will be offloading kit after the summer.....so you can find some decent, well looked after gear on there for reasonable money if you're careful......just don't buy secondhand crash helmets...... :wink: And definitely look for textiles with CE approved armour fitted..... 8-)

Crash Helmets really do need to be tried on by yourself before buying.......fit is extremely important..... :)

Good Luck

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Cheers for the help! :)

Probably wont' be able to go as i work 5-6 days a week i may not be able to guarantee going :( But i will definately check ebay out for some good stuff, as for helmets i have a couple shops that sell them nearby, just not much in the way of clothing.

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NEC is on all week, saturday and sunday...

Well worth a look, I went last year to get my first set of gear, picked up boots for 70 quid, helmet for 80 and two piece leathers for 100.

Aldi have occasional deals on all the gear but not sure they'll run it until spring now. Their thermals and compression layers are pretty good too, much cheaper than the usual but plenty warm enough. I got my textiles from Hein Gerike if you have a local store thats not closed down. Historically good clothing, but not cheap and the company has struggled this year, so you have to trade off the potential for a good deal against them possibly going bump.

You're at the end of the season, any big motorbike shop will have lots of offers on, just remember, if the worst happens and you're flying through the air, better to have spent extra on more armour and a decent helmet than passed up and bought the cheap cr*p

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