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its service time!!!

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Its come to that time of year where I take my bike off the road for a strip down and tidy some bits up

got a few jobs to do the main ones are to fit a braced swingarm off a TLR, strip the forks and stick some new springs in, I have found a couple of oil leaks too which need sorting and check the valve clearances too plus a host of other things

not bad going for 2 and half hours work :lol: :lol: was taking my time too and messing about hanging fairings up and stuff!!

2013-10-07 11.50.43.jpg

2013-10-07 12.36.03.jpg

2013-10-07 14.42.05.jpg

2013-10-07 14.42.40.jpg

2013-10-07 14.42.53.jpg

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Nope!! :lol:

I've done it that many times I could do it with my eyes shut :lol: all nuts and bolts in one bag too none of this putting them back in so I know where they go :lol: I have a good memory :lol:

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little more progress today!!

engine is out and on the bench with one side casing off already :lol:

forks are apart with the springs and oil out

and the new braced swingarm is on awaiting some alloy brackets to be welded up

Home made for spring compressor 8-)

2013-10-17 11.48.12.jpg


fork spring and oil....oil is a bit black!!!

2013-10-17 11.48.23.jpg


2013-10-17 13.16.10.jpg


2013-10-17 10.33.05.jpg


2013-10-17 10.32.44.jpg

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Apart from the fork springs, swing arm, have you got any other plans for it mate?.... 8-)


yeah the waterpump seal has gone so I have ordered all the bits for that and while I was in there I pulled the oil strainer out and it didnt look good at all I think I need to do some investigation as I think my motor needs a rebuild!! there was a lot of metal shards stuck in the strainer and looking at them I think its gearbox related!

If it is time for a rebuild I will be saying good bye to riding next year :(

if all is well I will be doing valve clearances the clutch pushrod seal needs changing as its leaking! all the wiring loom will be getting a good going over all suspension bearings checked and re greased throttle bodies balanced and throttle position sensor adjusted exhausts need repacking too and probably a load of other crap I have forgot :lol:

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Only one pic today :lol:


2013-10-17 16.26.10.jpg


this is my oil strainer out of the engine as you can see its a bit shitted up!!

it has like a black plasticy gunk on it!! plus some metal filings!! got a me a littile worried and thought it was a full engine rebuild job! not something I could afford to do before next year!!

anyway on closer inspection the black crap is plastic dust off the cam chain guides which apparently is normal and the metal filings where alloy and with the sump plug been stripped once in its lifetime and having a helicoil fitted I'm putting it down to this as you cant remove the sump so has to be done in situ...obviously whoever did it didnt realise you can remove the clutch cover and wash it out from there!!!

exhausts was stripped today for repacking and I have a lot of work to do on these!!

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Only one pic today :lol:


[attachment=0]2013-10-17 16.26.10.jpg[/attachment]



The chips look a bit overdone......and the battered sausage...well!!......I think you need some lessons off of Tiggie....... :wink: :lol: :lol:

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