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Honda cbr 125 help!


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Got a problem with my bike!

Whenever I turn the handlebars to the right it completly cuts out! Electrics, engine, everything.

Any suggestions?

Is this something I could possibly fix at home? (Bare in mind i've never fixed anything on a bike before?!)

The only bike place in my town can't pick it up until next week but I need it to get to work :(

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sounds like you have a loose main connection to the ignition side of things

I would strip it down and take a peek follow the wiring from the ignition and clocks area and check all connections and pull them apart and give them a good clean

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Yeah....sounds like the wiring is getting pulled when you turn the bars.....or an exposed wire is touching the frame or the like. As Stu says....check all the wiring and plugs around the headstock...and particularly the wiring coming from the ignition switch..... :wink:

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Well, we've kind of just bodged it for now. Bit dodgy and easily stealable.. But to be honest I don't care. So done with this bike!

Yanked out the broken wire, stripped it back and attached a switch to it. Put a plastic bag over it so rain doesn't get in. It'l do for now.



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