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3 idiots in a row ...


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I think I've had my fair share already today!

1) This morning, before my hospital check-up. Door-to-door salesman. "Good morning sir, are you the home owner at all?" I look at him with incredulity. "Am I the home owner at all?", I think to myself. "Only slightly", is my reply. He blinks at me in complete non-comprehension. I shut the door in his face.

2) Arrive at hospital. Park up bike in shared cycle/motorbike parking. No signage whatsoever in the hospital. I am directed to "Level D, Area 1". I get there. It's a broom cupboard. I ask a nurse and I am directed to Endoscopy. They send me to ENT. They send me to Gastroentorology. "You're late", says the officious woman behind the desk. She then interrupts me repeatedly while I try to explain. I end up just talking loudly, over her, at her. She refuses to hear a word I've just said. I nearly strangle her on the spot.

3) Return to bike after check-up. I just happen to be arriving there at the same time as a very militant cyclist was standing beside my bike, eyeing it up with intent. "How dare you park your motorbike so it prevents access to the cycle parking?!", he almost screams at me. He is enraged. I point out that (a) the cycle parking is damn near empty, (b) The motorbike parking was damn near full and © yes, I have blocked two or perhaps three cycle bays, but would sir care to notice the other 20 completely empty ones into which he could insert his f**king bike? "I've taken down your number plate and I'm going to report you!". I nearly strangle him on the spot. Instead I tell him to insert his bike and his notepad up his arse.

And breathe ...

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to be fair on the cyclist, you were in the bicycle park. to be unfair on the cyclist - he's a twonk and needs to shut up!

I passed a cyclist this morning happily texting on his mobile phone. I know it's not a legal requirement, however he was wearing no helmet, nor was he adorned in any high visibility wear.

I sometimes think that many cyclists want other road users to take them seriously, when in fact -there are idiots like this that do them no favours. no doubt he's one of the idiots that wobbles through red lights as well. It's not all cyclists, it's just some - and it needs to end.

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