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texts to and from aboad?

Guest petrolhead1989

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hey peoples..

well ive been searching the internet about prices etc, but nothing solid, so may aswell assk.

my girlfriend has gone to turkey today, for 10 days.

she is on orange, and i am on o2, both are contract..

apparently it doesnt cost for either of us to recieve eachothers texts but what would it cost.

for me to send from England on o2,

and for her to send from Turkey on Orange


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Not much use to you I'm afraid but when you arrive abroad and switch your

phone on it roams until it finds the suitable network.

You then get a text telling you the charges for texts/calls etc.

Sue and I are on different networks so our charges are slightly different.

It's usually free to receive texts but you pay to receive calls!

To send a text usually costs between 10 and 15p.

Ask your provider. :D

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Use 'whatsapp' and hotel wifi - free on a WIFI data connection - don't go on data roaming its extortionate!

p.s. I think whatsapp now costs 60 or 70p to buy (used to be free for first 6 months or so)

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I went to the canaries recently. I'm with the yorkshire mobile company (EE, T'mobile) and they sent me though a message almost immediately letting me know the costs. They were reasonable imho (10p per text). They also preventing data roaming as standard and had me purchase "packs" (10mb for a quid or something) they also offered me a promotion, 100mb for £2, which was actually cheaper than the hotel wifi!

All in all, I'm impressed with the solution my mobile carrier came up with to combat the insane data roaming bill you used to come home to.

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