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Advanced driver training

Mr Fro

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So the other half got herself a little sports car earlier in the year and really fancies taking it on a trackday. :-) The only problem is that although she's a good driver, she wants to do a bit of training beforehand so that she'd be comfortable in a track environment and confident that she could push her little tin can as hard as possible.

Ideally, I'd give her a bit of tuition myself but that would be a bit weird - I'm also mindful that Crimbo is on the horizon so it would make an excellent gift! So far I've had a look at the Lotus Driving Academy (http:///www.lotusdrivingacademy.com) but can't find too much else.

Does anyone know of anything along these lines or done the Lotus day?



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I've done a couple of those Ferrari experience days......you get to go around the circuit with an instructor driving to explain the braking points and turn in points etc.....then you get a few laps in one of their cars with someone sat next to you keeping an eye on things and giving instruction.... :wink:

So...thrash someone elses car round a track first.....and then take her own car round if she still fancies it?..... 8-)

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Don't do single seater!

Did it at Oulton park. Had a bit of fun in a renault sport with an instructor (got it sideways...not that the instructor approved mwhaha) , then moved to formula ford car. Restricted to 2 gears, and revs lowered. Could basically do a lap without braking. Not the experience she'll want!

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Thanks for the replies guys. After finding a fairly decent runway in goodish nick this weekend and surreptitiously questioning the girl, she just needs half a day or so of someone next to her shouting "GAS, GAS, GAS - BRAKE, BRAKE, BRAKE" to boost her confidence. I'm leaning towards the Lotus license part 1 but 500 sods for what boils down to 80 minutes track time and a tedious factory tour seems a little steep to me...

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