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Honda CBR500R (2013)


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What model was it?

Honda CBR500R

When did you buy it and how much did it cost?

July '13, 4950gbp

Good points?

Insane MPG: Im getting between 70-80mpg, and i don't ride it to be efficient.

Very comfortable: sporty seating position.... Im 6ft3, and i don't feel at all cramped on the bike. Its a little down on your wrists but not so much that it gets uncomfortable. Much nicer riding position than my ER6 had. Also, the seat is VERY comfortable.

Inspiring handling: The CBR500r is by no means the fastest bike on the planet, but what it lacks in straight line speed it makes up with great handling. It really gives you the confidence to push it a little more. Very planted, even though it could do with a stiffer front end for us heavier lads. Adjustable preload fork tops from a 1991-1996 CBR600 are a direct fit for the bike, and ill update this once mine are fitted next week.

Amazing looks: Its a real eye turner, and certainly gives me that fizzy feeling walking up to it when its parked!

A2 LEGAL! Im on an a2 licence, and would recommend on of the new Honda 500 range to anyone after a new a2 legal bike. I rode both a ktm duke 690 and a ninja 300 before buying this, and the honda is the best of the bunch, In my opinion.

ABS as standard: Whilst its not a cure for idiotic riding, its nice to know the ABS is there if i ever need it.......

Smooth riding: The engines smooth, the gear change is smooth, Its a real pleasure to ride.

Bad points?

Expensive 600 mile service: They check the valve timing on the first service which makes it more expensive than a standard service (aprox 200gbp)

No storage: Really..... the space under the seat is just enough for a disklock. Not an issue for me really, but itd be nice to not have to take a backpack everywhere.

The tyres arent the best in the wet: I had pilot road 3s on my er6, and that felt a lot more planted in the wet...... ill definitely put a set on the CBR when it needs them.

Lack of "oomph": Its not the fastest bike on the planet, but its still plenty fast enough to get in trouble with. I find myself having just as much fun riding at lower speeds on this, than higher ones on my ER6.

Would you get another? In an instant. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Any other comments? Any questions, please ask :)

These are the fork end caps that fit it (for other CBR, CB, or CBX owners):

http://www.ebay.com/itm/FORK-CAP-HONDA- ... 1330424681


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