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Honda CBF 500 - dodgy exhaust?


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I was hoping somebody could help me out. I was having a look at my bike today and noticed the collar that tightens the silencer can to the exhaust pipes was lose, and I had a look around and there are symmetrical cracks on the exhaust silencer. I started the bike and felt around and I could feel a little exhaust gas leakage from around this joint (I've attached some photos).

I know very little about this kind of stuff :stupid: , but here is my question:

Do I need to fix this immediately? There are some new/used cans on ebay for not too bad of a price, but I'm going to be riding this through winter, so if I was going to replace it I'd rather wait out until next year if at all possible.

Here are some photos the cracks appear to be in a cross on the top and side of the pipe.


photo 2 by tomcain2


photo 1 by tomcain2


photo 3 by tomcain2

Many thanks for your time!


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I'm struggling to see what you mean... If you mean the four slits that go around the sleve (under the clamp) then don't worry, these are suppose to be there! They allow the joint to close up when you tighten it.

If the can and pipe are in otherwise good nick then all you'll probably need to do is disassemble, clean and reassemble using a new gasket or some sealant.



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if there is exhaust leakage, you may want to replace the gasket as Mr fro said. It depends how much its blowing though, if its just a tiny bit then I wouldn't give it a second thought. Its not a serious issue. It will fail an MOT if there is a hole in it, but a gasket leak is normal, especially if its a few years old

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