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First Ink!


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So today I paid my deposit to get my first tattoo done, and I am both excited and terrified :lol:

Any advice for the day itself, from those who have been there, done it?

Also, do show off yours!

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There's seriously noting to worry about, not really painful at all, its just a irritating scratchy feeling for the whole time but completely bearable but then again it does depend where you get it anything on the ribs is a killer or down the spine but arms, and legs and such not a problem.

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inside of the arm is a bit softer than the outer section so will be a little more tender but will only feel like a burning scratch while they are working as t hey stop the feeling will fade straight away untill they restart and yep i wear all my artwork with pride and not worried about anyone seeing any of it

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I've got four tattoos.

Like people have said it feels like a scratching sensation.

This has worked for me as well.

My tattoo bloke told me to do this.

Wash the tattoo three times a day with soap and water then pat dry.

Then put Savlon on it.

Doing this I've never had a tattoo scab up as can happen.

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