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Key sometimes gets stuck in ignition


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So, yeah, as the title suggests, sometimes when I go to start the bike, the key just will NOT turn. Only ever when starting, though, never when turning it off.

I've tried both keys, because the one I use every day has a tiny little twist at the top, but it didn't work any better with the spare.

Note that I bought the bike second hand, and wasn't told of this, and to be fair it didn't happen for the first couple months that I had it.

Do you think it's just the weather?

Sometimes when I get on, it turns first time, sometimes it takes a couple minutes of trying.

Bike is a Suzuki Marauder GZ 125, if that matters for something like this? Going in for a service tomorrow, but thought I'd get your opinions as well.

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I had similar with my old thundercat, it ended up just the ignition was full of dirt and other crap. I sprayed it with wd40 and shoved the key in and out, and twisting it round too. It helped but didn't make it perfect

Hope this helps

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