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Castles and Caves!


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Looks like it's down to me to keep this section going......so here we go!

Just a disclaimer......I can't held responsible for the fact that we had 28C sunshine yesterday.....and you had storms! :lol:

I had to go and see my Dutch mate Peter in Orce.......he runs Bikertours in Morocco and Spain.

I went to the castle first.....




This is the approach to the cave.......which all belongs to the property.......


I first visited there back in June and the reformation of the cave is still ongoing......


Kitchen is coming along......


A bed made out of rock......which is a new one on me!


Down into the basement......lost my footing here and went flying into Peter who was on the floor below!

Good job he was there to stop me hitting anything solid!



Then back outside......


.....and off on the bike down to the natural park near Maria! f**king traffic killing me again!


Guaranteed to find some deserted shit......


.....and finally parked up in the recreation area! And it was warm for this time of the year......high twenties!



Didn't much fancy cooling off in that......


Then it was back on the road to find more deserted shit......



Out at 10......back by 2 ready for MotoGP! And unfortunately a pile of work as well!

So there we go.....a bit of culture......and a bit of troglodyte living!

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Yaaaaaaay deserted shit!!!!

Ahhhh 28 degree heat. Tho can't be much fun in ATGATT - do you always bother? And don't you get bored of sand?? :lol:

I miss rideouts with Tango, Bonniebird and co :( .

Went for a lil ride with Wallie and Fozzie on Saturday (not a rideout at all but more than just my work commute I've done in freaking ages!). Was loadsa fun, all revving loads laughing at how silly our 125s sounded in comparison! I got up to about 70mph on A14 despite battling with the wind a bit. Fozz probably laughing at us snoring away in 2nd/3rd gear! Think the spark plug change etc must've done some good cos felt like less effort to get there and stay there :D .

Do you go on group rideouts, Xtremo?

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Do you go on group rideouts, Xtremo?


Haven't ridden in groups since the 70's......I saw enough to know it wasn't for me! Both in terms of safety and convenience!

I prefer to get out.....just me and the bike......at my pace and my time!

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Ahhhh 28 degree heat. Tho can't be much fun in ATGATT - do you always bother? And don't you get bored of sand?? :lol:



I missed these bits! OK.....28 is nothing.....that's cool for me!

Over the years my body has adjusted to the climate here.....in fact I did a 300 mile trip in July when it was over 40. That was quite hard.....but it was business so it had to be done.

And yes....I always wear the correct gear. You can't take shortcuts there....I'd rather lose body fluids than skin.

It's not always sand.....most of what you're seeing there is in Almeria....that tends to be more sandy and is where the Spaghetti Westerns were made.

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